As a flooring retailer I hear these questions many times per month, “Should I do a carpet allowance to sell my Home?”, “Do I really need to put carpet in my home to sell it?”, “How important is it to replace my vinyl flooring if I want to sell my home fast?” and “Is it necessary to replace my Kitchen Flooring before selling my Home?”

“I don’t want to put new carpet in my house for sale because the buyer might not like it and will want a different color.”

I am not a fan of offering a Carpet Allowance, Appliance Allowance or really any other allowance regarding the condition of the home. (Certainly there are times when an allowance is the best option, based on your situation.)

I believe it’s always a good idea to replace worn, damaged or dirty carpet rather than try to negotiate it in a purchase agreement. There are a few reasons for this opinion.

Offering an Allowance before a buyer has even seen your home is like waving a big white sign saying, “We’re pretty worried about how our carpet will affect the sale of our home, and it’s oneSold Home Sign of our weak spots!” Buyers understand you are vulnerable and apologetic about the condition of your flooring. Plus, buyers and agents might assume that if the carpet is in poor condition, the rest of house will be in poor condition too.

Buyers will expect a much higher allowance than the actual cost of replacement, with CarpetsPlus you may be able to have the carpet installed for $3000 while a Buyer will ask for $5000 in an allowance.  Buyers will shop the high end market because, after all, they are spending someone else’s money.

New carpet and flooring quickly establishes how well your home is taken care of in the buyer’s mind.  A carpet allowance will not bring that ‘New Home Smell’ into your home but new carpeting will, it makes the house feel so much newer and smell clean.

Moving all furniture to install new carpet is the best form of de-cluttering known to Real Estate Agents! I know it’s a big job and requires lots of planning and logistics. Clearing every single thing out of a room is the perfect way to pack, move to storage, donate, recycle, re-purpose or dispose of all the small items.  You will clear the bookshelves, pick up the closet floor, clean out under beds, and pack the china cabinet and much more.

CarpetsPlus Color Tile has a special, cost-friendly program specific for the homeowner looking to replace their flooring to help sell your home faster and maximize the selling price.

Call me, Bill Freeman, for more details at 319-393-0715. Or visit us at 5820 Dry Creek LN NE in Cedar Rapids.

CarpetsPlus Color Tile in Cedar Rapids is a family-owned and managed company.

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